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Osgoode Simulated Client Initiative

What is the Osgoode Simulated Client Initiative?

Often used to train future physicians, simulated persons are now helping Osgoode’s law students shift their thinking from the technical details of legislation and cases they acquire in law school to a more holistic appreciation of client situations, client expectations and the potential extra-legal solutions which may be available to them.


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Osgoode PD and Osgoode Hall Law School are home to the Simulated Client Initiative, a unique program that creates opportunities for law students, lawyers, and others to develop a wide range of sophisticated client-facing skills. While the importance of simulations and experiential education are well-established, the simulated client program’s innovation is that it uses a cadre of simulated clients who have been trained to both simulate authentic client interactions and to assess and provide feedback to the participants. This evidence-based program has proven exceptionally effective.

The Simulated Client Initiative has been spearheaded by Professor, Paul Maharg, a leading scholar in legal education who joined Osgoode in 2017 as a Distinguished Professor of Practice. Maharg and his colleagues have set up a dozen simulated client centres internationally. Osgoode’s is the first in Canada.

Simulated clients have already been integrated into a Legal Process class at Osgoode, with plans to add simulated client components to other JD and professional development classes in the next year. Simulated clients are also available for bespoke training programs in a variety of organizations. Please get in touch with Paul Maharg or Audrey Fried if you are interested in finding out more.

Paul Maharg   pmaharg@osgoode.yorku.ca

Audrey Fried   afried@osgoode.yorku.ca


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If you are interested in using the services of simulated clients for training in your organization, please contact Paul Maharg at PMaharg@osgoode.yorku.ca or Audrey Fried at AFried@osgoode.yorku.ca.


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