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Tax Law - Part Time

Program Overview

Knowledge of tax law is essential in any business environment – and the study of it is intellectually fascinating. This Professional LLM specialization offers students an opportunity to gain a broad and deep understanding of the policies, principles and the internal logic of tax laws in Canada and beyond. It covers all aspects of tax law from the most basic rules underlying traditional personal tax planning principles to current developments in the sophisticated design of financial instruments. Courses are taught by a diverse range of scholars and practitioners, all of whom are leaders in their areas of teaching and practice.

Who is this Specialization for?

  • Law graduates with legal work experience or a strong demonstrated interest in tax law.
  • Professionals without a law degree who have at least five years of work experience directly related to tax (such as accounting, finance, trusts) who wish to add a strong advanced foundation in tax law to their professional profile.

Specialization Structure

Designed to meet the needs of working professionals across Canada and abroad, all electives in the part-time Tax Law specialization are available via video conferencing. Courses are structured as either weekly evening sessions or 3-5 day intensives. This is with the exception of the first course in the specialization, “Tax Policy, Statutory Interpretation and the Foundations of the Taxation of Individuals”, which takes place in September and requires in-person attendance. The Tax Law specialization accepts new students every Fall. Students can complete their degree requirements exclusively through course work or through a combination of course work and a Research Paper.

Program Requirements Overview

Program Schedule

Total credits needed: 36

Note that students without a law degree are required to take Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies in their first term.

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Tax Policy, Statutory Interpretation and the Foundations of the Taxation of Individuals TXLW 6100 Required 6.0 credits
Advanced Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders I TXLW 6735 Elective 3.0 credits
Advanced Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders II TXLW 6736 Elective 3.0 credits
Comparative VAT TXLW 6991 Elective 6.0 credits
Independent Significant Research Paper TXLW 6848 Elective 3.0 credits
International Taxation TXLW 6739 Elective 3.0 credits
Introduction to the Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders TXLW 6201 Elective 3.0 credits
Major Research Paper:Tax Law TXLW 6324 Elective 6.0 credits
Managerial Tax Planning TXLW 6730 Elective 3.0 credits
Overview of US Taxation and Recent Developments TXLW 6737 Elective 3.0 credits
Partnerships and Tax Shelters TXLW 6802 Elective 3.0 credits
Problem Solving in Tax Practice TXLW 6102 Elective 3.0 credits
Selected Topics in Taxation Law TXLW 6729 Elective 3.0 credits
Tax Administration and Litigation TXLW 6738 Elective 3.0 credits
Tax Treaties TXLW 6733 Elective 3.0 credits
Taxation of Corporate Reorganizations TXLW 6807 Elective 3.0 credits
Taxation of Financial Instruments TXLW 6801 Elective 3.0 credits
The Taxation of Trusts and Estates TXLW 6731 Elective 3.0 credits

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