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Securities Law

Program Overview

Market globalization, competition and technological changes have had a significant impact on securities regulation. In addition, the global financial crisis has raised a number of challenging issues concerning the appropriate regulation of complex products, how regulatory responsibility is shared among entities, and the nature of systemic risk. This specialization, taught by leading academics and practitioners, covers: Canadian capital markets including complex financial products; transactions and legal structures; regulatory systems including disclosure requirements and enforcement regimes; and current and emerging international issues and influences. Students will leave this specialization with a deeper understanding of the most important theoretical and practical issues confronting securities lawyers in Canada today.

Who is the Specialization for?

  • Law graduates with legal work experience or a strong demonstrated interest in securities law.
  • Professionals without a law degree who have significant related professional experience in the securities field, whether in the public or private sector and wish to develop an advanced knowledge of securities law for professional purposes.

Specialization Structure

Designed to meet the needs of working professionals located across Canada and abroad, all courses in this specialization are available via video conferencing and are structured as either weekly evening sessions or 3-5 day intensives. The Securities Law specialization is a cohort-based specialization where courses progressively build upon one another. New students are only accepted into the specialization once every three years. Students can complete their degree requirements exclusively through coursework or through a combination of coursework and a Research Paper.

Program Requirements Overview

Program Schedule

Total credits needed: 36

Note that students without a law degree are required to take Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies in their first term.

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Foundations of Securities Law SELA 6118 Required 3.0 credits
Litigation and Enforcement SELA 6745 Required 6.0 credits
Products, Transactions and Legal Structures SELA 6741 Required 6.0 credits
Securities Law - Theoretical Approaches SELA 6119 Required 3.0 credits
Continuous Disclosure SELA 6742 Elective 3.0 credits
Corporate Governance, Markets and Institutions SELA 6744 Elective 6.0 credits
Independent Significant Research Paper SELA 4848 Elective 3.0 credits
International Securities Regulation SELA 6743 Elective 6.0 credits
Investment Funds, Hedge Funds & Private Equity SELA 6128 Elective 3.0 credits
Major Research Paper: Securities Law LAW 6323P Elective 6.0 credits
Markets and Market Intermediaries SELA 6747 Elective 3.0 credits
Regulation of Financial Advisory Services SELA 6129 Elective 3.0 credits
Selected Topics in Securities Law SELA 6160 Elective 3.0 credits

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