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Privacy & Cybersecurity Law

Program Overview

The LLM in Privacy & Cybersecurity is the first offering of its kind in Canada. It provides legal knowledge and professional skills required to understand how courts, legislatures, regulators, businesses and individuals seek to protect information privacy as new technologies and new institutional practices emerge. This specialization provides graduate students with a unique opportunity to take specialized courses, and conduct innovative research in this cutting-edge field.

Who is the Specialization for?

  • Law graduates with legal work experience or a strong demonstrated interest in privacy and cybersecurity law.
  • IT and Business professions without a law degree who have the demonstrated interest and professional skills/experience required to understand the relationship between the law and privacy, including the impact of privacy and cybersecurity on the law.

Specialization Structure

Designed to meet the needs of working professionals across Canada and abroad, all required courses in this two year part-time specialization are available via video conferencing and are structured as either weekly evening sessions or 3-5 day intensives. Depending upon elective course selections, the program can be completed completely through video conferencing. New students start the program every Winter. Students can complete their degree requirements exclusively through course work or through a combination of course work and a Research Paper.

Program Requirements Overview

Program Schedule

Total credits needed: 36

Note that students without a law degree are required to take Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies in their first term.

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Internet Censorship and Global Surveillance PCS 6163 Required 3.0 credits
Privacy and Data Security from a Legal, Business and Technological Perspective PCS 6161 Required 6.0 credits
Privacy Law in Canada PCS 6162 Required 6.0 credits
Special Topics in Laws Governing Data Use and Data Disclosure PCS 6165 Required 3.0 credits
The Law of Confidential Information PCS 6164 Required 3.0 credits
Crime in the Digital Age PCS 6167 Elective 3.0 credits
Independent Significant Research Paper PCS 6848 Elective 3.0 credits
Information Technology and Privacy in Health Law LAW 6865B Elective 3.0 credits
International Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law PCS 6166 Elective 3.0 credits
Major Research Paper: Privacy & Cybersecurity PCSL 6000 Elective 6.0 credits

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