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Graduate Diploma in Law for Law Enforcement Professionals

Program Overview

The Osgoode Graduate Diploma in Law for Law Enforcement Professionals is the only program of its kind in Canada. Designed and co-taught by law enforcement professionals, this innovative program focusses on the substantive law issues (as contrasted with the legal procedural issues) confronting policing professionals in their day-to-day work.

Who is this program for?

  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Professionals in related fields in senior or leadership positions in police or regulatory agencies.

Program Structure

This flexible, part-time program is designed to meet the needs of all professionals working in the sector. The program is delivered in small group seminars, over a two-year period. There is one two-day in-person requirement at the on-set of the program for Policing and the Charter. The remainder of the program’s courses are evening courses, which students can participate in in-person or remotely via video conferencing.  

Program Requirements Overview

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Online Legal Research and Writing Tutorial LLEP 7005 Required 0 credits
Police Oversight and Accountability LLEP 6206 Required 3.0 credits
Policing and the Charter LLEP 6204 Required 6.0 credits
Policing Vulnerable Communities LLEP 6205 Required 3.0 credits
Foundations of Evidence for Law Enforcement Professionals LLEP 6208 Elective 3.0 credits
Legal Issues Related to Managing Law Enforcement Professionals LLEP 6207 Elective 3.0 credits

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