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Business Law

Program Overview

Market globalization, competition, and technological changes have significantly impacted on the regulation of businesses in Canada and around the world. This cutting-edge two year, part-time Professional LLM in Business Law, taught by leading academics and practitioners, will help you manage legal risks and understand the new realities of corporate regulation. At an advanced level, courses cover: Canadian corporate law principles and rules, legal duties of directors and managers, rights of shareholders, stakeholders and remedies available to them. The specialization will involve an in-depth examination of corporate finance and corporate structuring issues. Students will also explore the current regulatory system, including emerging international influences and trends.

Who is the Specialization for?

  • Law graduates with legal work experience or a strong demonstrated interest in business law.
  • Professionals without a law degree who have at least five years of senior work experience related to business law (such as finance, governance, regulatory, risk management work) who wish to add an advanced foundation in business law to their professional profile.

Specialization Structure

Designed to meet the needs of working professionals across Canada and abroad, all Business Law courses are available via video conferencing and are structured as either weekly evening sessions or 3-day intensives. New students can start the specialization in the Fall or the Winter term, and required courses are offered once every calendar year. Students can complete their degree requirements exclusively through coursework or through a combination of coursework and a Research Paper.

Program Requirements Overview

Program Schedule

Total credits needed: 36

Note that students without a law degree are required to take Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies in their first term.

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Advanced Corporate Law LAWB 6870 Required 3.0 credits
Boards of Directors LAWB 6735 Required 3.0 credits
Corporate Finance LAWB 6902 Required 3.0 credits
Corporate Governance LAWB 6749 Required 3.0 credits
Corporate Remedies LAWB 6908 Required 3.0 credits
Corporate Transactions LAWB 6909 Required 3.0 credits
Competition Law & Policy LAWB 6913 Elective 3.0 credits
Construction Law LAWB 6410 Elective 3.0 credits
Independent Significant Research Paper LAWB 6848P Elective 3.0 credits
Intellectual Property Law in a Business Context LAWL 6888 Elective 3.0 credits
Major Research Paper: Business Law LAWB 6325 Elective 6.0 credits
Selected Topics in Business Law LAWB 6701 Elective 3.0 credits

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