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Banking and Financial Services Law

Program Overview

Recent technological and legal developments have had a massive impact on banking and financial services law and legal practice. To reflect these developments in practice and theory, we are launching a new Professional LLM specialization to provide students with a strong foundation in the legal and policy frameworks of Canadian and international banking and financial services law. The program will cover basic rules of banking law, bankruptcy, and insolvency, lending, and insurance, but will also challenge students to apply their knowledge to complex legal problems facing the industry. The courses will be taught by a diverse range of academics, professionals and industry leaders, all of whom are experts in their areas of teaching and practice. The program is set to launch in Fall 2020.

Intended Audience

This program is for lawyers and legal professionals in the banking and financial services sector, including in-house counsel at financial institutions (i.e. banks, credit unions), government lawyers in the financial services regulatory area, and lawyers in private practice. The program is also geared towards senior professionals who do not have a law degree but have more than five years of professional experience in the financial services industry, particularly those in roles related to compliance and legal risk who wish to add a strong advanced foundation in banking and financial services law to their professional profile.

Course Information

A more comprehensive list of courses will follow, but the new program is expected to include courses covering the following topics:
  • Foundational courses relating to financial services law, banking law, bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Lending, security and insolvency law
  • Reorganizations and restructuring
  • International banking
  • International finance
  • Financial technology ("FinTech")
  • Regulation of financial institutions (domestic and international)
  • Regulation of international financial markets
  • Compliance in the financial services industry
  • Commercial banking/payments
  • Financial consumer protection
  • Insurance regulation
  • Privacy and cybersecurity in the financial services sector
  • Major Research Paper option

Program Requirements Overview

Program Schedule

Detailed course information will be posted on an ongoing basis – sign up for program updates for the latest information.

Courses Course Code Status Number of Credits
Selected Topics in Banking Law BFSL 6701 Elective 3.0 credits

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