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NCA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions About Purchasing/Registration?

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When should I take the NCA Exam Prep Program?

At least 2 months prior to writing your NCA Challenge exam(s).

How long will I have access to the NCA Exam Prep material?

One year from the date of purchase. You have unlimited access to the modules & resources provided. You can watch and re-watch from anywhere as many times as you need.

Should I buy the NCA Exam Prep one-by-one?

You should only purchase the Exam Prep subject you need guidance on as well as when you are planning to write the Challenge Exam(s). It is up to you as you are the best judge of what you are able to take on with studying as well as family, working etc.

It is recommended that you begin reviewing a course and see how you feel a week or two later and take on another subject if you feel like the material is manageable for you.

After purchasing the Exam Prep Program, how do I get access?

Upon purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt and 48 hours later you will receive a subsequent email providing you with instructions on how to log in to your NCA Exam Prep Profile.

To ensure you are able to access the program from your device, please test your system by visiting the Online Technical Requirements page.

Who are the instructors?

Subject matter experts (e.g. academics, judges and practicing lawyers) who have been teaching NCA candidates for years with OsgoodePD.

The online course has been developed in consultation with experienced legal instructional designers.

How is the material/content delivered?

The material is delivered through pre-recorded online modules. Modules will cover all of the NCA syllabi through a combination of video, audio, and slides as well as self-assessments throughout.

Can I ask questions in during the NCA Exam Prep?


Subject and content specific questions can be posted to the Forum. Instructors monitor and answer inquiries to benefit all participants.

There will also be online chats with the instructors scheduled throughout the year.

For IT and Tech support inquiries, our IT team is readily available.

Is the NCA Exam Prep up-to-date with the NCA Syllabus?

The videos and slides are updated on an ongoing basis. The NCA syllabi are subject to change without notice.

Our team regularly monitors changes to the NCA syllabi and readings, slides, and video or audio will be updated accordingly. Notifications about modules updates are provided in each Exam Prep page.

How does the NCA Exam Prep compare to a Credit course with OsgoodePD?

Unlike Credit courses, NCA Exam Prep is designed for self-study. As such the videos will introduce concepts across the entire NCA syllabus.

The modules will not be equivalent to taking a full credit course with us. They will be enough to allow NCA Candidates to be introduced to the subjects and gain a better understanding of the readings as assigned by the NCA.

How long are the recorded modules for each subject?

The video lengths vary for each course because some subjects are more dense, complex or cover more material than others.

For example: Canadian Criminal Law has concepts that are very similar to many other common law jurisdictions like actus reusmens rea, mitigating/aggravating factors.  Those videos tend to be briefer.  However, in a course like Property Law where concepts in Canada have evolved over many different forms of land ownership over time both in common law and equity, many of these concepts require further elaboration.

What Kind of materials do you provide?

In addition to the online modules, each course includes downloadable resources, self-assessments such as short quizzes & questions, a summary creation note-taking template and discussion forums.

Do you provide downloadable notes?

No. There will be a notes template, which should guide you in how to create useful notes for yourself.  We do not offer prepared notes for subjects because that is counter to our belief that individuals learn in their own ways and notes also need to be specifically tailored to each person.  We also provide self-assessments in the form of quizzes throughout the modules.

Do you offer an opportunity to write practice exams?

NCA Prep provides you with sample exam questions of various formats (fact patterns, essay questions, short answers) and allows you an opportunity to submit one sample answer for review and get instructor feedback.

Are there discounts available if I want to take the Exam Prep Program again?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or refunds available. Please review our Terms & Conditions for details.

What are the English language requirements for the NCA Exam Prep?

We do not require you to provide language proficiency to OsgoodePD however to be issued an NCA Assessment you will need to meet their language proficiency requirements.

What materials do I need?

You are expected to purchase the text(s) identified by the NCA for each subject.

Cases and legislation on the NCA syllabus are usually excerpted in the required texts, but full versions are almost always available at http://canlii.org.

What types of questions do the NCA Challenge Exams ask? How many questions are on the NCA Challenge Exams?

OsgoodePD does not host the NCA Challenge Exams. Check with the NCA directly for exam policies & information.


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