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Planning on Writing Your NCA Exam?
OsgoodePD Can Help You Prepare with Its Renowned Online NCA Exam Prep Program.

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Online NCA Exam Prep

Osgoode is the only Canadian law school to offer a preparation course for internationally trained lawyers and is highly experienced in providing the right support to help students succeed on exams. Participants in our courses have an NCA exam pass rate of over 85%.

Through interaction with instructors and peers, self-assessment opportunities and insightful supplementary materials, students gain an in-depth understanding of the test material. The program addresses all exam subjects, helps students understand major concepts, and demonstrates how to answer exam questions the way that law school and NCA examiners expect. Best of all, this online program has been created to suit your schedule.

OsgoodePD’s Online NCA Exam Prep Program offers courses in the following subjects:

Who is this Program for?

Take OsgoodePD’s NCA Exam Prep Program if you already have your NCA assessment or your assessment results are pending and you plan to write your NCA exams in the next 12 months. To get the most out of this program, it is recommended that you register at least 2 months before writing your exams.

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OsgoodePD's NCA Guide

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