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Course Name Public Sector Labour and Employment Law
Course Code LREL 6027
Course Credits 3.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Pre-requisite: For students outside the specialization: LAW 6805P: Theories and Perspectives in Labour & Employment Law or an equivalent course. Anti-requisite: N/A
Course Description

This course examines the labour and employment law governing employees of the Federal and Provincial Crowns, through three broad themes: 1) Exceptionalism. The laws governing public servants are different from those governing employees, employers, and unions in the private sector. While some of the “fundamentals” of the Wagner Act model remain in place in the public sector, there are a number of significant and important differences that this course will explore. 2) The rule of law. This course will examine the tension between courts, with their commitment to rights, and the managerial ethos of public administration that is committed to utility. This tension is played out between the importance of the rule of law and managerial discretion in public sector labour and employment law. 3) Merit. This course will explore the so-called “merit principle” that governs appointments in the public service. This theme includes everything from rules-based appointment procedures to the principle of a politically neutral public service.

Upcoming Offerings

Fall 2019

Specialization Labour Relations and Employment Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours LSO (ON): 12h CPD (10h 15m Substantive; 1h 30m Professionalism; 15m EDI) Professional LLM courses may be eligible for CPD/MCLE credits in other Canadian jurisdictions. To inquire about credit eligibility, please email cpd@osgoode.yorku.ca
NCA Status N/A

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