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Course Name Introduction to Financial Law
Course Code BFSL 6800
Course Credits 3.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Pre-requisite For students outside the BFSL specialization: Demonstrated foundational knowledge of Canadian financial services law concepts.
Course Description

This course will be a primer for non-lawyer students. It will provide non-lawyers with foundational legal knowledge on: banking law and banking regulation in Canada and bankruptcy and insolvency. The course will teach students the fundamentals pertaining to the legal framework that governs banking in Canada, their operations and principal transactions. In addition, the course will teach students about the legal aspects of payments, financial instruments, and give students an overview of banking within the larger financial industry in Canada. On the lending side, the course will provide students with foundational knowledge on lending, security, bankruptcy and insolvency It should be noted this introductory course will be a substantive law course. There is another mandatory course for non-lawyers across all the specializations, GS LAW 6149 – Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies, which will provide students with the basic research and analytical skills required for graduate legal study. *Note: Students with a law degree and experience in financial services law may request exemption at enrolment from taking this course.

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Specialization Financial Law
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