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Course Name Disability & Health Law
Course Code LAWH 6796
Course Credits 3.0
Course Description

This course examines the relationship among disability, health and well-being. We will consider the construction of health from a disability rights perspective, and the ways in which disability as a legal category operates to secure or negate the rights of persons with disabilities in health law contexts. Students will be introduced to alternative conceptions and theories of disability and impairment and examine how law regulates the lives and health of individuals with disabilities. Throughout the course, we will analyze statutory provisions and jurisprudence to understand how and for what purposes disability is defined and regulated by law. In addition, we will consider broader questions about how law can be used to achieve the goals of health and well-being for persons with disabilities.

Upcoming Offerings

Winter 2020

Specialization Health Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours
NCA Status N/A

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