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Course Name International Energy Arbitration
Course Code EIL 7005
Course Credits 6.0
Pre/Anti-requisites N/A
Course Description

The world is facing an economic energy revolution. One of consequences of climate change is the increase on the use of different energy sources (i.e. solar, hydro, wind, nuclear, fossil fuels, etc), yet there is a small number of players in the Energy industry. Energy projects often require public-private long term partnerships; often surrounded by uncertainty and political instability brought about by nationalisations, particularly in North Africa, the Gulf States and parts of Latin America. In Europe, the are some mixed signals about the present and the future of the energy industry; while there are serious decarbonization targets; foreign investments have been compromised in lieu of increasing the use of greener energy sources. Therefore, during the life of an energy project it is quite likely that an dispute will arise and energy companies are reluctant to bring claims in 'foreign courts'. International arbitration is the place for disputes to be resolved before an independent and neutral arbitral tribunal. This module provides students the understanding of particular commercial and investment issues of disputes in the energy sector. It also combines theoretical critical thinking about fundamental aspects of the dispute resolution process, with practical insights and hands-on case studies of some of the most important energy arbitration cases.

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Specialization Energy and Infrastructure Law
Status Core
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