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Course Name The Law and Economics of Electricity Markets
Course Code EIL 7000
Course Credits 3.0
Course Description

This course will examine the law and economics of electricity markets and the institutions that oversee these markets, with particular focus on the deregulated markets in Ontario and Alberta. The design and regulation of electricity markets have continued to evolve since initial electricity restructuring in 1998. The course will examine the regulatory, policy and technological factors that shaped the initial design of deregulated electricity markets and how they worked; some of the challenges that emerged with the initial designs and the changes made to address those challenges; and how the markets have continued to develop and evolve with the introduction of new environmental policies and technologies. The course will also explore pending market redesigns and the possibilities for the energy market of the future.

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Specialization Energy and Infrastructure Law
Status Core
CPD Hours N/A
NCA Status N/A

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