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Course Name Advanced Issues in Labour Arbitration
Course Code LREL 7000
Course Credits 3.0
Course Description

This course deals primarily with rights (grievance) arbitration under the terms of a collective agreement. The course will address historical, theoretical and practical aspects of labour arbitration. Prevalent substantive issues dealt with in arbitration today will be addressed. A major theme of the course will be the historical evolution and transformation of arbitration as an institution for the resolution of workplace disputes. Its transition from a mechanism devoted to the interpretation and enforcement of private contractual rights to becoming the main and often sole institution for the resolution and enforcement of common law and public statutory rights for organized workers, and the implications of that transformation for the institution and the rights at issue will be studied. Major issues concerning the relationship between arbitration and other mechanisms for the resolution of workplace disputes will also be addressed.

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Specialization Labour Relations and Employment Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours N/A
NCA Status N/A

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