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Course Name Political Law
Course Code CLTC 6810
Course Credits 6.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Pre-requisite: CLTC 6721P – Federalism & Institutions of Government, CCLW 6841 - Canadian Constitutional Law, CCLW 6847 - Public & Constitutional Law, or equivalent foundational knowledge of Canadian Constitutional Law. Anti-requisite: LAW 6810 - Political Law
Course Description

Political law is the interdisciplinary study of the role of law in statecraft. As an instrument of democratic governance, law functions in conjunction with public policy and administration, and with politics. This course aims to provide an interdisciplinary dimension to our understanding of law in its real-life context; giving students specific areas of knowledge and enabling them to use specific analytical tools in assessing law.

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Specialization Constitutional Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours Eligible LSO CPD: 12h Substantive Professional LLM courses may be eligible for CPD/MCLE credits in other Canadian jurisdictions hours. To inquire about hours and credit eligibility, please email cpd@osgoode.yorku.ca
NCA Status N/A

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