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Course Name Ontario Personal Injury Law, Practice, and Procedure
Course Code CCLW 6806
Course Credits 6.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Anti-requisite: LAW 6806 - Ontario Personal Injury Law, Practice, and Procedure
Course Description

Running a tort personal injury practice requires a sound understanding not only of basic tort law, advocacy skills and knowledge of procedures, but most importantly how these things interact with one another in the personal injury practice. As a personal injury lawyer, you will require an understanding of how the law is brought to life over the course of a file. While legislative and common law imperatives form the core of personal injury law, the day to day operation of a file also involves (in no particular order) good client management; ethical considerations; excellent practice management; nuanced understanding of the application of the Rules of Civil Procedure; civility with opposing counsel; respect for and by the judiciary; understanding the inner workings of various target defendants (i.e. insurance companies);competent advocacy skills; superior writing skills. This course is designed for the students to develop a 360-degree view of a personal injury file by first obtaining an overview of the various types of torts, first by understanding the relevant legislative and common law framework for each one, and then by learning to manage all of the elements of the file within that context.

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Specialization Canadian Common Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours N/A
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