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Course Name The Canadian Law of Obligations (Contract and Torts)
Course Code CCLW 6516
Course Credits 9.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Open only to current and prospective NCA candidates. Anti-requisite: LAW 6516 - The Canadian Law of Obligations (Contract and Torts)
Course Description

This course covers the core concepts in two foundational areas of the Canadian common law -- contract and tort -- by combining that material into one course. There are two overarching bases for the decision to combine contract and torts into one course. First, there is a natural overlap between these two substantive areas of law and as such there is a strong pedagogical reason for the study of these two areas in one course. Second, candidates for the LL.M. program will benefit from the additional opportunity provided to them to take one further subject course instead of taking two separate courses. From a pedagogical standpoint, there is merit to this combination of courses as it affords occasion to talk about the shape and inter-relationship of the common law categories. As this course is envisioned as an introduction, there is an effort to guide candidates through these legal disciplines in a manner that speaks to the distinct features as well as the overlapping points of each. The introduction to the course illustrates to candidates a common origin for contract and torts; thereby underlining the basis of the combination. Beginning with the discussion of remedies, the contemporary connection between contract and torts will be explored in more detail. Finally, candidates are taken through the business/economic scenarios in which contract and torts overlap.

Upcoming Offerings

Winter 2020

Specialization Canadian Common Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours
NCA Status Yes - satisfies both Contract Law and Tort Law competencies

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