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Course Name Taxation Law
Course Code CCLW 6846
Course Credits 6.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Anti-requisite: LAW 6100P - Tax Policy, Statutory Interpretation and the Foundations of the Taxation of Individuals, LAW 6846 - Taxation Law
Course Description

This is a foundational tax law course taught at the graduate level. This course teaches students to read, interpret and apply the basic provisions of the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) as they apply to individuals; Understand statutory interpretation and have some ability to apply those approaches when reading legislation; have a good working knowledge of the major policy decisions that inform the personal income tax system; and understand the role of lawyers in tax planning and tax litigation, including the issues of professional responsibility and ethics.

Upcoming Offerings

Winter 2020

Specialization Canadian Common Law
Status Core
CPD Hours
NCA Status Yes - satisfies Taxation competency

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