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Course Name Biotechnology and Issues in Health Law
Course Code LAWH 6868
Course Credits 3.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Anti-requisite: LAW 6868P - Biotechnology and Issues in Health Law
Course Description

This course enables students to consider some of the recent scientific and technological innovations in the area of health and the implications of these new technologies for legal regulatory frameworks. It is divided into five broad areas: (1) reproductive and other technologies, looking at the way that new technologies are shaping our identity and how law and science have played a part in that new construction (including reproductive technologies, cloning and other bioscientific advances); (2) body rights and integrity, examining how health and technology have contributed to different conceptions of the body; (3) death and dying, looking at definitions of death, human tissue legislation, organ donation and euthanasia; (4) research, where issues of health law that arise as a result of human research are analyzed; and (5) regulation - how science and regulation of health interact. The course explores many of the themes in a comparative way, looking at approaches adopted in other countries around the world.

Upcoming Offerings

Summer 2021

Specialization Health Law
Status Elective
CPD Hours Eligible LSO CPD: 12h Substantive Professional LLM courses may be eligible for CPD/MCLE credits in other Canadian jurisdictions. To inquire about credit eligibility, please email cpd@osgoode.yorku.ca
NCA Status N/A

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