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Course Name Wrongful Convictions
Course Code CLWP 6780
Course Credits 3.0
Pre/Anti-requisites Anti-requisite: LAW 6780 - Wrongful Convictions
Course Description

Over the past two decades the criminal justice systems in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have all struggled with the problem of mounting claims of wrongful conviction. This course will explore both the causes of wrongful convictions and the various remedial approaches adopted by different jurisdictions. In particular, we will study the following factors which contribute to wrongful convictions: adversarial excess, police and prosecutorial misconduct, inadequate disclosure, frail identification evidence, false confessions, jailhouse informants, faulty forensic testing and junk science. With respect to remedial options we will explore the operation of s.696.1 of the Criminal Code (ministerial review), the Criminal Case Review Commission (U.K.) and Innocence Protection legislation (U.S.). In addition, this course will examine the findings and recommendations advanced in the growing number of Canadian Commissions of Inquiry designed to explain and analyze the causes of a wrongful conviction in a particular case.

Upcoming Offerings

Fall 2019

Specialization Criminal Law and Procedure
Status Elective
CPD Hours Eligible LSO CPD: 12h Substantive Professional LLM courses may be eligible for CPD/MCLE credits in other Canadian jurisdictions. To inquire about credit eligibility, please email cpd@osgoode.yorku.ca
NCA Status N/A

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