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Michaela Keet

Professor Keet has been involved in curriculum development in the dispute resolution area at every level in the college’s program, including the design of an intensive dispute resolution program for first-year students and advanced courses in Negotiation, Mediation, and clinical placements. In 2011, Prof. Keet was awarded the Provost’s College Award for Outstanding Teaching in Law. Prof. Keet has worked as a mediator in private and public practice across a variety of settings. With Saskatchewan Labour, she mediated and conciliated complex labour disputes. With Saskatchewan Justice, she mediated civil litigation files including matters such as commercial contract disputes, wrongful dismissal and personal injury. Prof. Keet has also acted as a labour arbitrator and as a consultant for organizations designing or evaluating their own dispute resolution processes and systems. In the earlier part of her career, Prof. Keet worked as a lawyer in private practice, with a focus on labour, employment and administrative law. She graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan, with an LLB, and a BA (major in Sociology). She has taken extensive training in the field of mediation and negotiation, primarily through the Conflict Resolution Program at the Justice Institute in Vancouver, B.C. Her LLM focuses on court-connected mediation. Prof. Keet has extensive experience as a trainer and public speaker on dispute resolution processes and issues, including the development of educational programs for lawyers, judges and other adjudicators and professionals. In addition to her law school teaching, Prof. Keet has delivered presentations and training programs for the following audiences: National Judicial Institute, Saskatchewan Legal Education Society, Canadian Bar Association, Provincial Court Judges, business and human resources professionals, unions, members of local aboriginal governments, and many other organizations. Her teaching, research and publications have focused on dispute resolution, particularly on mediation, negotiation and the integration of dispute resolution programs into the court system – in both civil and criminal settings. The focus of her research is on the evaluation of dispute resolution practices and programs, and she has conducted or partnered in several empirical studies. She is the author of numerous journal articles on topics including collaborative law, lawyers’ roles inside mediation, and the integration of mediation into court systems.