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Online Technical Requirements – FAQ’s

If you need more technical information, please visit the following link and click Player Requirements in the left-hand menu.

Problems Downloading Silverlight
Q:  Why can I not update / install Silverlight
A:  This may be due to IT security on the receiving side, please contact you IT department and request that they put this on for you

Issues with Sound Quality
Q:  Why do I hear echo in the audio?
A:  You may have opened the presentation twice. Try to close any additional windows

Q:  Why is the audio is so quiet?
A:  Try to ensure that the volume is up on both the mediasite player (speaker icon on the bottom of the player) as well as on your computer (speaker icon on the lower right corner of your PC)

Stream stops playing
Q:  Why has the video frozen?
A:  This could be due to network traffic on the receiving side. Please try to close the program and log in again

Q:  Where can I find the materials for the session?
A:  The materials can be accessed by clicking on the paper clip icon on the bottom of the mediasite player

Archive viewing
Q:  When can I access the recording of the session?
A:  The archive of each session can be accessed 2 business days after the live version.

Q:  How long can I access the archive of the session?
A:  This will be available for 90 days. You can access the archive through your OsgoodePD Profile on the website.

Mobile Devices
Q:  Can I watch these sessions on my mobile device?
A:  At this time we cannot guarantee the results you will get trying to watch on your mobiles device. We recommend that it be viewed from a computer with a wired network connection for the best experience

Large Screen Viewing  
Q:  The resolution is off on the large screen, what do I do?
A:  OsgoodePD’s webcasts and archives are meant for individual viewing. If you have a group and/or would like to watch this on a larger screen, please let us know when registering a group rate and IT assistance will be provided.