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Part-Time LLM Teaching Awards



The OPD LLM Teaching Awards are being presented to honour those who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning of Osgoode Part-Time LLM Students. Up to two Teaching Awards will be presented annually, based on a rolling three-year program cycle.

The purpose of these awards is to provide significant recognition for excellence in teaching, to encourage its pursuit, to publicize such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement. The awards demonstrate the value Osgoode attaches to teaching.

Nomination Procedure

The nominations can come from any of the LLM students registered in any of the three years prior to the award year. Nominations must be on the approved form and accompanied by a statement setting out how/why this faculty member has met the criteria of teaching excellence in the Part-Time LLM program in any of the designated years. The awards will be decided by a committee composed of the Director, Associate Director and a nominee from Osgoode full-time faculty. To be eligible, a faculty member must be nominated by more than one student.

Faculty are not eligible to win this award more than once every three years. The following faculty have won the in the past three years and are not eligible to receive the award this year:

  • 2018 – Scott Wilkie
  • 2017 – Alison Manzer
  • 2016 – Rollie Thompson


Defining teaching excellence is difficult since teaching varies by context, technique, class size and other factors, such as cultural or gender approaches. The criteria below represent some, but not necessarily all, of the characteristics that an outstanding teacher might embody. They are not ranked in order of importance, and examples of these criteria are illustrative but not exhaustive. The examples are meant to serve as guides for considering the diverse strengths of candidates.

Student Learning Experience

  • responds to diverse student experiences
  • fosters intellectual growth
  • challenges assumptions about the subject matter
  • supports the development of new insights
  • deepens critical thinking
  • develops specific skills

Substantive Innovation

  • draws upon current and emerging research in the subject matter
  • communicates passion for the subject matter
  • challenges disciplinary boundaries and traditional canons
  • develops new methodologies
  • nurtures the creation of new knowledge

Teaching/learning strategies

  • is sensitive to diversity and equity
  • responds to different needs and learning styles of students
  • inspires student learning
  • remains open to students’ concerns and views
  • uses creative pedagogical techniques to engage students

Professional and curriculum development

  • develops own teaching through conferences, seminars, workshops which address pedagogical issues
  • draws upon research in teaching and learning
  • contributes to the transformation of teaching and learning practices, both within and outside of classrooms


  • works collaboratively with colleagues to enrich teaching practices
  • nurtures the growth of students from diverse backgrounds

Ongoing excellence

  • demonstrates continuing excellence in all areas of the nominee’s teaching over a period of years


Applications for 2019 are now being accepted – Submit your application here.
Nominations due: May 1, 2019.