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The Civil Litigator’s Survival Guide to Evidence

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Table of Contents

Tab 1
Evidentiary Issues On Motions and Applications: How To Overcome Problems and Present Properly
The Hon. Justice Fred Myers,
Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
Sam R. Sasso, Ricketts, Harris LLP

Tab 2
Relevance, Materiality, Probity, Persuasion
Kathryn L. Podrebarac,
Podrebarac Barristers Professional Corporation

Tab 3
Hearsay, Prior Inconsistent Statements and the Rule in Browne v. Dunn
Jacqueline L. King,
Shibley Righton LLP
Lisa C. Munro, Lerners LLP

Tab 4
The Current State of Solicitor-Client and Litigation Privilege
Christopher D. Bredt,
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Lindsay Lorimer, McMillan LLP

Tab 5
The Art of Making Evidence Weigh More Heavily
Jane Sirdevan,
Gardiner Roberts LLP

Tab 6
Expert Evidence: How It Can Make or Break Your Case
Robert Bell,
Lerners LLP

Tab 7
Commonly-Encountered Evidentiary Conundrums and Their Solution
The Hon. Justice Jamie K. Trimble,
Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
Frank E. Walwyn, WeirFoulds LLP

Tab 8
Ethical and Professional Issues Arising In Relation to Evidence
Igor Ellyn Q.C., C.S., FCIArb.,
Ellyn Law LLP
Andrew Faith, Polley Faith LLP
Sean Lawler, Shibley Righton LLP
Linda Plumpton, Torys LLP
Tanya Walker (Moderator), Walker Law Professional Corporation

Tab 9
Evidentiary Errors At Trial: How To Make Them Less Appealing
The Hon. Justice Michael Tulloch,
Court of Appeal For Ontario

Tab 10
Note Paper