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Successful Settlements 2017: Strategies and Tactics for Civil Litigators

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
Key Caselaw Impacting The Settlement Process
Oscar Strawczynski,
Feldman Lawyers
Andrea Sanche, Ricketts, Harris LLP

Tab 2
Opportunities For Settlement and the Litigation Timeline
Nancy Shapiro,
Koskie Minsky LLP
Jason Singer, Singer, Kwinter

Tab 3
How Alternative Fee Structures and Retainer Agreements Impact Settlement Discussions
Caroline E. Abela,
WeirFoulds LLP
Lisa Stam, Koldorf Stam LLP

Tab 4
The Menu of Available Tools For Achieving Settlement
Eric Gossin,
Stancer Gossin Rose LLP
Paul M. Iacono, Q.C., Beard Winter LLP & YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Inc.
Jessica Kimmel, Goodmans LLP
Clifford Lax, Lax O’Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP
Moira Visoiu, Law Firm of Moira Visoiu

Tab 5
Drafting Offers and Minutes of Settlement: Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Lisa C. Munro,
Lerners LLP

Tab 6
What Do Clients Really Want From the Process? (and How To Give It To Them)
Hermie Abraham,
Advocation Professional Corporation
Patricia Skringer, Senior Cousnel, Aecon Group Inc.
David J. Smagata, Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer, DAS Canada
Mary A. Teal, Hughes Amys LLP

Tab 7
Peace Breaks Out: Experts Deconstruct Great Moments in Settlement Strategy and Why They Worked
The Hon. Justice Todd Archibald,
Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
Robert B. Bell, Lerners LLP
Frank K. Gomberg, Gomberg Mediation Solutions Inc.
Mana Khami, Harrison Pensa LLP

Tab 8