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Recent Developments and Complex Issues in Evidence in Family Proceedings

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Faculty List and Faculty Biographies

Tab 1
Current and Developing Issues in Children’s Evidence
Alfred A. Mamo,
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP

Tab 2
Criminal Evidence in Family Law Cases: The Key Issues Every Family Lawyer Needs to Know
Richard Niman,
Niman Gelgoot and Associates LLP

Tab 3
Electronic Evidence & Illegally Obtained Evidence: Admissible or Not?
Kristen Normandin,
Goldhart & Associates

Tab 4
Demonstration: Effective Examination and Cross-Examination of a Therapist
Steven M. D’Souza, MSW, RSW,
The Office of the Children’s Lawyer
Dan L. Goldberg, The Office of the Children’s Lawyer
Stephen Codas, Epstein Cole LLP
The Hon. Justice Roselyn Zisman, Ontario Court of Justice

Tab 5
Issues of Privilege in Evidence for Family Proceedings
George Karahotzitis,
Thomson, Rogers

Tab 6
Evidence on Motions: Key Principles & Required Evidence
Maxine M. Kerr,
Barrister & Solicitor

Tab 7
Experts & Assessors in Family Cases: Recent Developments
Professor Nicholas C. Bala,
Queen’s University, Faculty of Law

Tab 8