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Courtroom Testimony: A Practical Skills Workshop for Police and Other Law Enforcement Professionals

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
What the Crown Attorney Can and Can’t Do for You (PPT)
By: Allison MacPherson

Tab 2
Excerpt from “Evidence and Investigation – From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom”
By: Kerry Watkins,
Gail Anderson & Vincenzo Rondinelli

Tab 3
How to Put Your Best Case Forward: Strategies for Succeeding on Direct and Surviving (and even winning) on Cross
The Hon. Justice Lloyd Budzinski, Ontario Court of Justice
Julianna Greenspan,
Greenspan Partners LLP
Allison MacPherson, Assistant Crown Attorney, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)

Tab 4
Evidence Exercise – Scenario

Tab 5
Note Paper