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Advancing or Defending Fire and Property Loss Claims

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Faculty List & Biographies

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What’s Distinctive About Major Fire and Property Loss Claims?
Alfred M. Kwinter,
Singer Kwinter

Tab 2
The Insurance Policy: Key Passages and Their Potential Impact
Anthony J. Bedard,
Lerners LLP

Tab 3
Proof of Loss and the Adjustment Process
Plaintiff’s perspective:
Jason F. Katz,
Singer, Kwinter

Defendant’s perspective:
D. Keith Smockum,
Smockum Zarnett LPP

Adjuster’s perspective:
David D. LeBlanc,
Licensed Adjuster, Vice President Toronto Office, National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.

Tab 4
The Scope of Available Defences
Paul Tushinski,
Dutton Brock LLP
Stephen MacDonald, Stevenson Whelton MacDonald & Swan LLP
Robert E. Sugar, Malach Fidler Sugar + Luxenberg LLP

Tab 5
Inadequate Insurance and the Liability of Insurance Brokers
Barry Papazian, Q.C.,
Papazian Heisey Meyers
John J. Pirie, Baker & McKenzie LLP

Tab 6
Aggravated and Punitive Damage Awards In Fire and Property Loss Cases: Where the Law Stands Now
Gary R. Will,
Will Davidson LLP

Tab 7
Ethical and Professional Issues For Counsel in Fire and Property Loss Cases
Deborah Berlach,
Stieber Berlach LLP
Roger Chown, Carroll Heyd Chown LLP
Frank Gomberg, Gomberg Mediation Solutions Inc.
Steven Rastin, Rastin & Associates
Lynn Turnbull (moderator), Black Sutherland LLP

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