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9th National Symposium on Tech Crime and Electronic Evidence

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
Top 2016 Investigation and Drafting Issues in Cases Involving Electronic Evidence
The Hon. Justice Philip A. Downes,
Ontario Court of Justice
Randy Schwartz, Deputy Director, Prosecution Support, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)
W. Vincent Clifford, Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Friedman LLP
Sergeant David Cobey, Legal Application Support Team, RCMP

Tab 2
Current Issues and Special Challenges in Child Exploitation Offences
Allison Dellandrea,
Counsel, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)
Cst. Christopher MacDonald, CFCE, Investigator, Internet Child Exploitation Unit, Peel Regional Police

Tab 3
Social Media and the Criminal Justice Process: What are the Ethical and Legal Limits?
The Hon. Justice Frances P. Kiteley,
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Steven Johnston, Crown Prosecutor, Special Prosecutions Branch, Alberta Justice
Anthony Moustacalis, Barrister

Tab 4
Search and Seizure: The Forensics – Opportunities Amidst the Trend of Ever-increasing Mobile Security
Daniel Embury,
Technical Director, Cellebrite Advanced Investigative Services, Cellebrite Ltd.
Det. Sgt. Kelly Anderson, e-Crime Sect. Technological Crime Section, Ontario Provincial Police

Tab 5
Search and Seizure: The Law Latest Cases and Hot Button Issues
The Hon. Justice Michal Fairburn,
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Scott K. Fenton, Fenton, Smith Barristers
Nicholas Devlin, Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

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