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6th Annual Recent Developments and Complex Issues in Property and Equalization

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Faculty List & Biographies

Tab 1
The Most Significant Recent Judicial Decisions Affecting Property Matters in Family Law
Gary Joseph,
MacDonald & Partners LLP

Tab 2
Division of Pension Benefits
Anne Slivinskas,
Legal Counsel, Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Tab 3
Creative Ways to Fund an Equalization Payment and Grounds for Making an
Equalization Payment Overtime
Stephen J. Codas,
Epstein Cole LLP
Neil Maisel, CBV, Crowe Soberman LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants

Tab 4
Corporate Issues in Family Law
Robert Centa,
Paliare Roland LLP
Harold Niman, Niman Gloot & Associates

Tab 5
Property, Equalization & Tax Implications
Brian Cohen,

Tab 6
The Impact of Bankruptcy Declaration on Property & Equalization
Robert Klotz,
Klotz Associates

Tab 7
Family Law & Estate Matters
Ian Hull,
Hull & Hull LLP

Tab 8
Law Pro – Additional Documents

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