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2nd National Symposium on Mental Disorder: At the Crossroads of Mental Health and Criminal Justice

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
The NCR Defence 2016: Meeting the Challenges of Stereotyping and Public Prejudice
The Hon. Justice Gary Trotter,
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Gregory Brodsky, QC, Brodsky & Company, Barristers
Christine McGoey, Retired Crown Attorney, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)
Dr. Philip Klassen, Vice-President, Medical Services Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Robert S. Richardson, Barrister

Tab 2
Latest Court Cases and Trending Hot Button Issues
Margaret Creal,
Chair, Consent and Capacity Board, Ontario
Lyle Hillaby, Crown Counsel, British Columbia Ministry of Justice and Attorney General
Erin Dann, Di Luca Barristers

Tab 3
Best Practices in Preparing and Effectively Conducting Hearings Before the Review Board
Shayne Kert,
Alternate Chair, Consent and Capacity Board, Ontario
Michael Davies, Foord Davies LLP
Janice Blackburn, Bersenas Jacobsen Chouest Thomson Blackburn LLP Barristers, Solicitors

Tab 4
Policing and the Mentally Ill: Current Challenges and Responses
The Hon. Justice Peter Defreitas,
Associate Chief Justice, Ontario Court of Justice Chief of Police Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Service
Sarah Burtenshaw, Mental Health Worker, Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST)
Dr. John Bradford, Forensic Mental Health, The Royal Ottawa, Brockville Mental Health Centre
Inspector Chris Boddy, Toronto Police Service

Tab 5
Interface of Youth with Mental Health Issues and Canada’s Youth Justice System
The Hon. Justice Heather Perkins-Mcvey,
Ontario Court of Justice
Tania Breton, Justice Lead, CAMH (Ottawa)
Gina Clark, Regional Implementation Coordinator, CAMH (Northwest Region – Kenora Rainy River District)
JoAnn Miller-Reid, Assistant Deputy Minister, Youth Justice Services, Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Ontario)
Dr. Jeffrey Wong, Clinical Director, Forensic Services, Kinark Child and Family Services, Syl Apps Youth Centres

Tab 6
The NCR Reform Act: Much Ado About Nothing?
Professor Steve Coughlan,
Schulich School of Law Dalhousie University
Michael Feindel, Crown Coordinator, Ontario Review Board, Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)

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