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The 2017 Legal Guide to Privacy & Information Management in Healthcare

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
Fact Scenario

Tab 2
2017 Update on Strategies and Best Practices for Responding to and Managing Privacy Breaches in Healthcare
Sherry Liang
Assistant Commissioner, Tribunal Services, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Tab 3
Framework for the Provincial Health Record Under Bill 119
Manuela Di Re,
Director of Legal Services and General Counsel, Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Tab 4
Understanding the Role of a Heath Information Network Provider
Mary Jane Dykeman,
DDO Health Law

Tab 5
Luncheon (and Keynote Address)
Brian Beamish,
,Commissioner, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
“Update from the IPC”

Tab 6
Disclosing Personal Health Information in Proceedings: If, How and When?
Lonny J. Rosen
Rosen Sunshine LLP

Tab 7
Analyzing the Risk of Harm Exception Permitting Disclosure of PHI
Lad Kucis
Gardiner Roberts LLP

Tab 8
Privacy & Protection of PHI in Community Health Settings
Bosco Chan,
Chief Privacy Officer, Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres
Anna Tersigni Phelan, Privacy Officer, Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington
Rodney Burns, Chief Information Officer, Association of Ontario Health Centres

Tab 9