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The 2017 Essential Guide to Limitation Periods in Ontario

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
Discoverability: Understanding When the Clock Starts to Run
William Scott,
Brown and Partners LLP

Tab 2
When Does the Clock Stop?
William E. Pepall,
Lerners LLP

Tab 3
Procedural Considerations
The Hon. Justice Graeme Mew,
Superior Court of Justice

Tab 4
Critical Professionalism Tips: How to Protect Yourself
Jordan Nichols,
Claims Counsel, LawPRO

Tab 5
Fundamentals of Real Property Limitations
Debra E. Rolph,
Research Director, Claims (LawPRO)

Tab 6
Limitations Analysis: A Step-By-Step Guide
Daniel Zacks,
Clyde & Co.

Tab 7