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12th Annual Intensive Wills and Estates Workshop

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Faculty List and Biographies

Tab 1
Will Planning and Preparation

1.Preliminary Considerations
2.Gathering Information: Personal Planning Form
3.Client Fact Scenario
4.The Annotated Will 2014(LSUC)
5.Proceedure for Execution of Wills and Condicils
6.Precedent Testimonium Clauses and Affidavits of Execution of Wills in Unusual Circumstances
7.Reporting Letter to Estate Planning Client (From The Annotated Will 2014)
8.Miscellaneous Matters
9.Tax Considerations

Tab 2
Administration of Wills and Estates

1.Preliminary Considerations
2.Funeral Arrangements: Abeziz v. Harris Estate, [1992] O.J. no. 1271
3.Estate Information
4.Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will
5.Intestacies – Finding Next-of-Kin
6.Insurance and Bonds for Estate Trustee
7.Insurance Designation in Unprobated Will: Rozon v. Transamerica Life Insurance Co. of Canada, [1999] O.J. No. 5599
8.Tax Filing Deadlines
9.Providing Information to Residual Beneficiaries
10.Digital Assets in Will Drafting and Estate Administration
11.Executor’s Compensation: Henry Estate (Re), [1998] O.J. No. 1643
12.Winding Up the Estate
13.Non-Resident Matters
14.Voluntary Dissolution – Ontario Corporation
15.Privacy Considerations for an Estates Practice

Tab 3
Key Sections of Certain Statutes

1.Accumulations Act
2.Children’s Law Reform Act
3.Estate Administration Tax Act
4.Estates Act
5.Family Law Act
6.Substitute Decisions Act
7.Succession Law Reform Act
8.Trustee Act

Tab 4