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General Law - Part Time



Program Overview

OsgoodePD’s various LLM specializations provide graduate-level learning across a number of disciplines. The General LLM gives you the flexibility to build a specialization that includes three major areas of interest. In the Professional General LLM, you can choose courses from multiple LLM specializations being offered during your time of study and have the flexibility to build a specialization that includes two or three major areas of interest. The General LLM provides a high level of customization for lawyers wishing to craft a unique specialization of study drawing from over 50 LLM courses a year.

Who is this Specialization for?

Students must have a law degree to be eligible for admission to the General LLM. The General program is most suitable for those who want greater flexibility in course options than provided by a more focused specialization.  The General LLM is intended for individuals who already have some legal work experience in the areas of specialization you choose to pursue. Students will have the option to enter advanced courses in those specializations without taking the program’s foundational courses.

Specialization Structure

The Part-Time General Law specialization provides students with the opportunity to design a program of study that meets their professional development goals. Students will take 1-2 courses per term scheduled as weekly evening courses or 3-5 full-day intensives. The majority of the courses offered are available via video conferencing however some courses require in-person attendance. Provided a student is flexible with elective choices, the specialization can be completed entirely through video conferencing. Students can complete their degree requirements exclusively through course work or through a combination of course work and a Major Research Paper.

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