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Canadian Common Law Course Planning Information

When can I take the courses I need?

We offer a variety of courses each term. The following courses are expected to be offered in 2017-18. For the most current information about times/dates please see Course Schedules. The below list should be used for planning purposes.

Students can access one-on-one advising about course planning and meeting NCA requirements during the program.

Course Title Credits NCA Competencies Satisfied by Course Term(s) Offered
Business Associations 6 Business Organizations (formerly Corporate Law) F, W, S
Canadian Administrative Law 6 Canadian Administrative Law F, W, S
Canadian Administrative Law 6 Canadian Administrative Law (Online)** TBD
Canadian Civil and Administrative Procedure 6 Civil Procedure (Ontario) W
Canadian Constitutional Law 6 Canadian Constitutional Law W
Canadian Contract Law 6 Contract Law W or S
Canadian Criminal Law 6 Canadian Criminal Law F, W, S
Canadian Criminal Law (Online)* 6 Canadian Criminal** TBD
Canadian Law of Trusts 6 Trusts S
Canadian Professional Responsibility 3 Professional Responsibility F, W, S
Canadian Public and Constitutional Law 6 Both Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Constitutional Law S
Canadian Tort Law 6 Tort Law W
Commercial Law 6 Commercial Law W
Evidence 6 Evidence F, W, S
Foundations of Canadian Law 3 Foundations of Canadian Law F, W
Fundamentals of Family Law 6 Family Law (Ontario) S
Property Law 6 Property Law W
Real Estate Transactions 6 N/A W or S
Taxation Law 6 Taxation W or S
The Canadian Law of Obligations 9 BOTH Contract Law and Tort Law S

**Only appropriate for students who have completed an in-person law degree. Please seek NCA approval before enrolling in this course.

Can I take all of my courses at one location?

OsgoodePD aims to schedule at least one section of all core courses at each of our campus locations. Courses that are offered only once per year run at either OsgoodePD or Osgoode Hall. Students should expect to take some courses at each location during their program. For the most current information about times/dates and locations please see Course Schedules.

Can I Take a Course Overload?

Our standard course loads are 12 credits per term for full-time students and 6 credits per term for part-time students.  We typically do not let students take an overload in their first term of the program. Overloads are approved, on a case by case basis, following completion of the first term, taking into consideration factors including academic performance and overall demand for course space. You are only required to complete a total of 36 credits in the program. There are options for students to take additional courses as a non-degree student. Please review the Student Handbook for more information on extra courses.