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Faculty Spotlight

Picture of Andrea Gonsalves
Andrea Gonsalves

Any prospective continuing education students who are worried about managing full-time work with part-time studies can use Andrea Gonsalves as inspiration. Recently, on top of her regular client and pro bono work as a partner at Stockwoods LLP, she taught the Administrative Law course at OsgoodePD while studying for her own Master’s in constitutional law. She also gave birth to her second child in the midst of all that. (The icing on the cake: she reportedly responded to work-related emails a few hours after the delivery.)

How does she do it? Passion helps.

“I love everything I do. Obviously, I love my family. I love the teaching. I love the practice. That makes it easier to juggle things. You’re not dreading spending time with one thing when you love all of it,” she says.

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Picture of Jinyan Li
Jinyan Li

Jinyan Li understands what it’s like to be an international student. In 1985, she moved to Canada from her native China to study law at Queen’s University. “I could read and speak ‘ordinary’ English, but not legal English. I knew words like ‘property’ and ‘contract,’ but I didn’t understand the meaning in the legal context,” says Li. “That’s the biggest challenge for international students. You think you know, but you actually don’t.”

She more than excelled at the legal comprehension, going on to a career that’s included consulting work in Canada for the Auditor General, the Department of Justice, and the Canada Revenue Agency and, internationally, with the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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