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What is Videoconference?

Students outside of the Greater Toronto Area (50KM or more away from OsgoodePD’s 1 Dundas location) can participate via our cutting-edge videoconference technology. Videoconference students use two-way video that allows for interaction with other students by participating in discussions, asking questions and even seeing electronic presentations as easily as if you were in our downtown Toronto classroom.

For more information on which specializations are videoconference-compatible please see chart below.

Using the required hardware and software and a good-quality internet connection, you may be able to participate from your home or office (where applicable).

The conferencing platform is designed to be used with a computer meeting the minimum specifications; our technicians will determine whether your computer meets those requirements as part of your pre-assessment. Depending on your home/office set up, you may need to upgrade your system or internet connection in order to use the videoconference option effectively. Please note that the videoconference option offers some flexibility in terms of being able to connect to the classes while traveling, however because of the extreme variability in internet connection quality, we cannot make guarantees when using the system outside your designated location(s).

Videoconference Requirements

General system requirements

Our videoconference technicians will be in touch to do a system test at the beginning of your program to ensure your system meets the minimum requirements – you may need to upgrade your system or internet connection to use the videoconferencing system effectively.

Videoconference (VC) Availability

Specialization Availability
Administrative Law All courses in specialization available by VC
Criminal Law and Procedure
Energy and Infrastructure Law
General Law – Part Time*
Health Law
Securities Law
Business Law Most Courses in specialization available by VC**
Constitutional Law
Intellectual Property Law
Labour Relations and Employment Law
Tax Law – Part Time
Canadian Common Law (Full and Part Time) Specialization not available by VC
Dispute Resolution
General Law (Full Time)
Tax Law (Full Time)
International Business Law

*Depending on your course selection
**Some courses may require in-person attendance. For more information, refer to the specific specialization page.


Should you decide that the videoconference option is the right choice for you, OsgoodePD will provide the required hardware and software for your computer at your home/office at a cost ($300) in addition to the regular tuition fees. If you have specific technical questions, please feel free to get in contact and one of our technicians will be happy to help you.