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Course Name Canadian Contract Law
Course Code LAW 6840
Course Section B
Course Credits 6.0
Course Description

This course is intended to introduce students to the most basic doctrines in contract law (or the study of the legal enforcement of promises) and to engage in a rigorous examination of these doctrines. In this course we will ask both descriptive and normative questions. That is, what promises will the state enforce and how can we justify state coercion as a means of enforcing promises. This course is intended to help students develop an understanding of the various theoretical underpinnings of contract law and an ability to discern patterns in judicial enforcement. This course does not involve simply the memorization of fixed, immutable rules and principles. This course is as much about learning critical reasoning skills as it is about learning contract law doctrine.

Specialization Canadian Common Law
Status Core
Elective for International Business Law
CPD Hours
NCA Status Yes - satisfies Contract Law competency
Instructors -
Term Summer 2018
Start date
End date


Location Osgoode Hall - 4700 Keele St
Presentation Format In-person
Method of Evaluation Final Exam - Date TBA
Program Format TBA
Available for SCE Yes

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