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Course Name Anti-Money Laundering and International Country Sanctions - Global Regulatory Challenges
Course Code LAW 6512
Course Credits 3.0
Course Description

This course explores two areas of increasingly important and challenging global regulation: anti-money laundering legislation and international country sanctions. While important to a broad sector of businesses, they are particularly crucial for financial institutions and businesses involved in cross-border commerce. This course explores the global context for these regulations, including the role of international legal and quasi-legal organizations such as the Financial Action Task Force and the United Nations. The role of anti-money laundering and country sanctions within the context of financial sector regulation and stability overall will be explored, and students will have an opportunity to examine the outcomes, including relative strengths and weaknesses, of the legislation on a domestic and international basis.

Upcoming Offerings

Winter 2019

Specialization International Business Law
Status Core
CPD Hours N/A
NCA Status N/A

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